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Our experienced Lean professionals are dedicated to providing a high level of customer service and commitment, working together with you to seamlessly combine the best of what Lean thinking and processes have to offer with the unique culture of your organization.  Our fact-based approach provides true measured success for all of the stakeholders of your healthcare business: the patient, the employees and the organization itself.  

Experience and Professionalism

 The DeMerchant Healthcare Solutions team has decades of experience applying Lean methodologies to many types of businesses, and will use this expertise to assess your current state and develop a custom learning plan that is right for you. We understand the importance of educating your teams in the most effective ways and all training is designed with an embedded ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ (PDCA) cycle so there is confirmation that sustainable learning has taken place.  

Full Systems Approach

 Lean isn’t just a set of tools, it is a ‘thinking way’ that guides us as we go about our daily work and is driven by a set of key Lean Fundamentals. Leadership is the key to success in any business and our team has extensive experience providing coaching that will enable all levels of leadership to become proficient in the practical application of the Lean methodologies necessary to transform your organization into a competent and agile Lean practitioner.   



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